These are general rules that apply to all of our servers. To avoid punishment, follow the rules. If you have any questions contact a member of staff through our Discord. Staff judge on a case by case basis.


Cheaters are not welcome on our servers. Associated players will also be punished.


Being racist or homophobic through placeable signs, voice chat, or chat will result in either a ban or a voice chat mute/text chat mute.


Rust is still in developement, bugs and exploits are a part of the game. We don't take action against abusers. However, if a server is affected, the offender will be punished.


Publishing personal information (names, photos, home addresses, IPs, etc) will result in the offender being banned. Ban length depends on the severity.


VPNs are not allowed on any of our servers. However, we respect your privacy. Purchasing a VIP package from our store will grant you permission to connect to the server you bought the package for. If caught using a VPN without first purchasing a package, you will be unable to connect to any of our severs.


Respect our staff. They do their best to provide the best experience. If you suspect abuse of any kind contact an Owner, if sufficient proof is provided (screenshots or recordings) the abuser will be permanently banned from our servers and removed from staff.


Any attempts at DDoSing or crashing any of our servers will result in a ban whether intentional or not. This also includes any type of threat to perform such actions.


Provide sufficient evidence when accusing someone of cheating or doxing. Do not post evidence in public places. Make sure every report goes directly to a member of staff.